LAMDA at Westminster Under School

LAMDA speech and drama exams at Westminster Under, ages 8 - 13

Theatre On The River has been running LAMDA Speech and Drama clubs at Westminster Under School since September 2013. Westminster Under School is a world-renowned academic institution providing a first class education for boys since 1926.

It is the preparatory school for Westminster (also known as The Great school) and has garnered a reputation for being outstanding in theatre and dramatic arts. Boys are naturally creative and display a natural flair for the stage and public speaking. The boys have achieved outstanding LAMDA examination results each academic year (over 90% Distinction Level in Grades ‘Entry’ to Grade 5).

LAMDA is an internationally recognised qualification in Acting and at Westminster Under school the boys work at the following levels: -

  • Year 3: Entry Acting Grade
  • Year 4: Grade 1 Acting
  • Year 5: Grade 3 Acting
  • Year 6: Grade 4 Acting
  • Year 7: Grade 5 Acting
  • Year 8: Grade 6 Bronze Medal Award in Acting


We run the LAMDA Speech and Drama clubs at the following times during term time only: -

  • Wednesdays 3.30pm -4.30pm: Junior LAMDA Club Years 3 and 4.
  • Fridays 4.00 -5.00pm: senior LAMDA Club Years 5-8.


LAMDA not only enhances the boys’ love and talent for Drama; it also benefits many other areas of their academic curriculum. LAMDA encourages boys to be analytical, to explore and empathise with a diverse range of characters, ignites the imagination for creative writing and poetry composition and promotes excellent public speaking skills.

All boys are welcome onto the LAMDA course and no previous experience with the examination grades are required. 

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