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Theatre on the River was founded by Helen Goodman in 2012. Its mission is to promote an understanding and appreciation of theatre, both classical and contemporary, amongst children and adults. One of Helen's fundamental beliefs is that the dramatic arts can unlock hidden potential and talent as well as instilling confidence. At Theatre on the River we aim to develop dramatic skills and nurture the ability to perform. In this increasingly competitive world that we live in; to possess the skill of public speaking and ease in front of an audience is undoubtedly beneficial. Much of the course content will focus on vocal training; whether it be from the exploration of scripts or the graded LAMDA Speech and Drama levels (London Academy of Speech and Drama - for more information, please go to the links page).    

On completion of her studies at the University of London and RADA, Helen underwent a three month residency as assistant Director in Residence at Rugby School's Macready Theatre and worked extensively as a freelance peripatetic Speech and Drama instructor in many of London's leading senior and preparatory schools. Helen combined this with a producer's course at the Young Vic studios, internships as a youth director in London and Surrey based theatre groups and as a public speaking coach to private clients based in the City of London.  

Helen has extensive contacts with actors, writers, directors, musicians, choreographers and teachers who will form part of Theatre on the River. This innovative and specialist company, situated in a quiet yet accessible part of central London, will provide highly  personalised and creative workshops which will aim to inspire people from all ages and backgrounds. Recognising potential and nurturing talent is our motto and we embrace individualism, creativity and a passion for drama at all levels.  


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