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Theatre on the River moves to Windows Azure

Our site is now hosted on Microsoft's cloud-based service - Azure. Loving the fact it's a) cheaper and b) faster !!

Mobile Site

Theatre on the River goes mobile !

Newsletter week 7

Welcome back to all our members after a well deserved break in what is for all of them a busy time in their school lives. We lo..

Newsletter week 6

Today I was able to deliver the fantastic news that we have secured a performance at Peter Jones, Sloane Square over the Christ..

Newsletter week 5

It was an absolute delight to tell our talented members today that we have secured a slot to perform at John Lewis during Chris..

Newsletter week 4

Congratulations to our wonderful Stage Stompers who performed their 'Narnia' scenes in front of each other this week. They were..

Newsletter week 2

It was another case of boundless enthusiasm, energy, excitement and fun as we welcomed our talented members through the doors ..

First Saturday together in Battersea

What a spectacular opening weekend at Theatre on the River! The late September sun shone down on Battersea square and 17 enthus..

We are live !

Theatre on the River launches today !

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