Our students tell us what they think !

Cara Vogels

My time at Theatre on the River is so enjoyable and I always look forward to it each Saturday! I enjoy acting so much and love to learn about new characters. I particularly enjoy the more challenging scripts we have been looking at and love the opportunities we have here. Performing in Sloane Square was particularly memorable.

Finn Vogels

The experiences I have had at Theatre on the River so far have been thoroughly enjoyable. Working on our John Lewis performance has been my favourite project so far and I was so proud to have the role of 'Fred' and the part of the father as we re enacted the John Lewis Christmas advert. Summarising my experience so far; I have loved the variety of techniques we have

Tess Vogels

I have really enjoyed my time at Theatre on the River and have performed some really challenging and enjoyable roles throughout the last few weeks. I love the opportunity to explore scripts deeply and learn new acting skills. I love drama and this group has given me lots and lots of confidence. I have also loved meeting new people from different schools.

Olivia Scott

I really enjoy Theatre on the River and I have met some people from other schools which is great! We have done so many exciting projects; my favourite so far being our performance at John Lewis. We got to perform in front of so many people and it was such a proud moment. Miss Helen is a brilliant theatre coach and I love drama. I'd definitely give this company 10/10!

Caitlin Sinclair

I have really enjoyed being a part of Theatre on the River. I have made lots of new friends and I am definitely going to keep going with this group. I have loved learning different accents, public speaking and acting in front of large audiences. I look forward to lots more exciting projects.