LAMDA at Eaton Square School Mayfair

LAMDA Speech and Drama lessons at Eaton Square School in Mayfair. This course offers students the chance of gaining Acting qualifications. The course runs each year from September to June at Eaton Square School in Mayfair, London.

In January 2019, we launched our popular LAMDA Speech and Drama course at Eaton Square School in Mayfair. The classes run throughout the school day each Monday and Tuesday for 10 weeks per term. Students work towards the following Acting Qualifications:-

Year 7 - Grade 3 Acting

Year 8 - Grade 4 Acting 

Year 9 - Grade 5 Acting 

Year 10 - Grade 6 Bronze Medal Acting. 

As Eaton Square School grows and students progress up the year groups, we will eventually offer Grade 7 and Grade 8 Silver and Gold Medal Acting Awards. 

Miss ELizabeth Elstub runs our LAMDA course at Eaton Square School. 

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