LAMDA Speech and Drama Wimbledon High School

LAMDA Speech and Drama lunch time courses Wimbledon High School

Initially for Year 7 this academic Year (September 2017)

When children first join us, aged 11, initially they will spend the first couple of sessions exploring a range of acting techniques and group work before selecting their monologues/duologues/group pieces: -

  • Creating characters
  • Mime
  • Movement and feelings
  • Rapid reaction games
  • Developing good coordination, balance and core stability
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Confidence, concentration and communication skills
  • Creating and imagining 
  • Role-play and improvisation
  • Memorising lines 
  • Reciting scenes and short prose
  • Exploration of plays and scripts


At Wimbledon High School, girls will follow the Acting syllabus and spend three terms preparing for their graded acting awards which are examined at the LAMDA Drama school in Hammersmith in June and July each year. 

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