Newsletter week 2

It was another case of boundless enthusiasm, energy, excitement and fun as we welcomed our talented members through the doors in week 2! I am really delighted with the approach and focus of our members so far; they evidently love the group work and their attitude fills me with confidence for the future of my theatre company.

Stage Stompers worked on mime and still images this week. They were very good at using space and freezing on command, this will stand them in good stead for future performance work which requires self-discipline and focus. We then continued to work through scenes from Narnia, exploring actions and reactions: especially the moment where Mr Tumnus faces the wrath of Maugrim (the chief of police) I am very impressed with how expressive the children are and their ability to work in paired and larger group scenes.

Shooting Stars explored feelings and emotions in scenes from A Boy. They began to explore their critical thinking skills and looking closely at Mrs Prachett's character: why does she behave the way she does? What motivates her? These are classic analytical skills required by actors and this group are well on their way to developing them. There were wonderful performances this week; especially when using facial expressions to convey a range of emotions. An actor's facial expressions are an important tool and vital in expressing mood in a particular scene or moment from a play.

I look forward to welcoming our wonderful members back on Saturday 6th October. In the meantime, if you are considering a night out at the theatre I highly recommend Matilda, currently showing at The Cambridge Theatre, London (closest tube: Covent Garden or Leicester Square).

Helen Goodman


Theatre on the River moves to Windows Azure

Our site is now hosted on Microsoft's cloud-based service - Azure. Loving the fact it's a) cheaper and b) faster !!

Mobile Site

Theatre on the River goes mobile !

Newsletter week 7

Welcome back to all our members after a well deserved break in what is for all of them a busy time in their school lives. We look forward to fun packed action and a very exciting performance in December!

Newsletter week 6

Today I was able to deliver the fantastic news that we have secured a performance at Peter Jones, Sloane Square over the Christmas period! We will be acting out poetry and scenes for shoppers on Saturday 8th December at 2 pm on the ground floor.