Newsletter week 4

Congratulations to our wonderful Stage Stompers who performed their 'Narnia' scenes in front of each other this week. They were very focused and watched each performance with enthusiasm and enjoyment; I was really touched by how much they congratulated each other and encouraged their siblings whilst acting. We saw scenes ranging from the witch turning characters into stone, then Aslan bringing them back to life to Tumnus and Lucy moving through the forest avoiding the 'enemy trees.' Really impressive work. I'm delighted how much their movement and posture is improving on stage and look forward to their next performances.

Starlight Express welcomed Finn Vogels into the group who also celebrated his birthday on the same day! We look at deconstructed characters and a script; notable lead characters from famous plays and works of fiction. We hot seated and questioned what makes a character behave the way they do? Could events in their past have anything to do with it? A perfect character for this work was Ebenezer Scrooge from the classic 'A Christmas Carol.' We explored his difficult relationship with his father, his broken engagement and his engrossing relationship with money - all of which contributed to his behaviour later in life. There were wonderful performances by all, we looked closely at the movement and body language Scrooge would have used; I was overwhelmed by such talented interpretations.

Next week I meet with the events co-ordinator at John Lewis to see if we can perform in their store at Christmas. Fingers crossed! I would love the opportunity to showcase the talent of our brilliant members.

Helen Goodman.


Theatre on the River moves to Windows Azure

Our site is now hosted on Microsoft's cloud-based service - Azure. Loving the fact it's a) cheaper and b) faster !!

Mobile Site

Theatre on the River goes mobile !

Newsletter week 7

Welcome back to all our members after a well deserved break in what is for all of them a busy time in their school lives. We look forward to fun packed action and a very exciting performance in December!

Newsletter week 6

Today I was able to deliver the fantastic news that we have secured a performance at Peter Jones, Sloane Square over the Christmas period! We will be acting out poetry and scenes for shoppers on Saturday 8th December at 2 pm on the ground floor.